I managed to resist temptation. I did not daylog from work!

That's it, my second day of work. It's supposed to be Java servlet programming (well, they are 'enhanced' droplets, running on something called ATG Dynamo or something like that)/XML stuff and whatever. It's just that today, half an hour before leaving, they found some work for me to do.

Actually, I was bored. Really bored. I didn't want to procrastinate (at least five work days before that :) so I was just getting updated on SAX, some Java and ATG. Weird bit was when my boss' boss comes to my table and nurses my computer; screwing in some screws and tidying it a little bit. If that's the big boss job, I think I'll be washing socks anyday.

Anyway, summer is coming up nice. I'll be working July, August and September 8 hours a day (9-6 in theory), but that's fine for me. The money also helps. Just one subject (dreaded Software Engineering II) still ungraded. That's the dubious grade, I've passed the other five, so not much studying then.

Just have to fix a thing or two and everything will be schmooooth.