The Barnstormers' executive board consists of:

Their shows include: one show during freshman orientation known as the O-show, the freshmen one-acts, the fall mainstage drama which is professionally directed, a studio during January's intersession, and a spring musical. Once a semester, there is usually a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show which is quasi-affiliated with the Barnstormers. In more recent seasons, a Shakespeare comedy has gone up during Spring Fair. Throat Culture puts on 1 or 2 shows a semester, to boot.

Many members of Barnstormers are writing seminars or English majors. (That's hardly a surprise, eh?) Cognitive science majors also get involved a lot. How do they get away with calling themselves "the oldest and largest student group"? In their number, they count anybody who has auditioned for a play or worked at even one tech session. At any rate, they are consistently in the top 3 best-funded student groups.

Trivia: Spiro Agnew was once President of the Barnstormers. Though the Barnstormers no longer use the Merrick Barn as theater-space, the group stores most of their props, costumes, dead rats, and literature in a corner of the building. Furniture and tech supplies are kept at the Swirnow Theater located in the Mattin Center.

Their official web site is located at: