The Hopkins Science Fiction Association, rumored to meet weekly in the attic of the student union, is a secretive society of sci-fi, anime, gaming, role-playing, and/or LARPing enthusiasts. HOPSFA's antics are the basis for some interesting campus mythos, including the epic Houseia, or Cycle of House, the grad student member of HOPSFA who looks to be in his fifties and has been a student since at least the eighties but never seems to graduate. No one knows his true age - or for that matter, even his major. Some of HOPSFA's tamer activities include semestural games of Killer, the sacrifice barbacue at exam time, the annual Sex-Symbol contest, and, of course, JOHNCON, Hopkin's own gaming con. Aside from the aforementioned con, the members of HOPSFA are a reclusive clan, although they do maintain ties with DSAGA and the Barnstormers, mostly through the ledgendary parties thrown by each group, and featuring the official HOPSFA drink, Rocket Fuel.

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