Barrow, Alaska.

The most northern city in the United States. Home to Whales, Bears, Humans, The National Petroleum Reserve, Oil, and a vast bird life. Population: 4,581.

Barrow is one of the harshest locations in America to live in. During the winter, the temperature average between -28 and -8F, while being mostly dark. A dim twilight is present for 33 days each side of the winter solstice as the sun never breaks the horizon. This Year's first sunrise in Barrow occurred on January, 23rd at 1:13pm and it set the following 53 minutes later, at 2:06pm.

The days will progressively get longer until May 9th, when the sun will rise and not set again until August 2nd, 82 days; or approximately 1964 hours. During This summer period, the temperatures average a high of 45F, with the rare 70F.

Barrow is a favorite spot of tourists who come to watch the birds. The Barrow Birding Center provides a checklist of 185 different species for bird watchers.

The community has been established for 1,100 to 1,500 years and gets it's name from Sir John Barrow, the second secretary of the British Admiralty, who advocated northern exploration. The community was originally called Ukpeagvik, or "place where owls are hunted", named by the Inupiat Eskimos. When the first post office was established, it's use of "Barrow" made the choice permanent.

Even today, regardless of the financial success of the community, many residents maintain traditional lifestyles. Typical foods include whale, seal, polar bear, walrus, duck, caribou, grayling, and whitefish. Barrow is "damp", meaning the sale of alcohol is banned, although visitors and residents may bring it into town with them.

Famous History:
Two famous Americans, Wiley Post and Will Rogers died on August, 15 1935; approximately 15 miles southwest of Barrow in a plane crash. The crash occurred shortly after they took off from a lagoon area, the engine stalled, the plane crashed and killed both men. The crash itself was witnessed by an Inuit, Clare Okpeah, who ran the 15 miles to Barrow to report it. Roger had a syndicated newspaper column, a radio show, and a movie career. Post, a one-eyed former barnstormer from Texas, had set Flight speed records, including one for circling the globe in the northern latitudes. Both men were buried in their hometowns in the lower 48.


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