I know this method works on machines made before 1997, after that it's anyones guess. So, what you do is you get yourself some common table salt, some water, and something to carry this all in (empty 2 liter bottles) seem to work well mix a metric shit-ton of salt into the water. Now, find the machine you wish to rip off and somehow get that salt water into the coin slot. Spitting it into the slot works well but you really do need to have a soda after that one. Funnels and things like that are kinda hard to get into the slot. So I always ended up spitting it into the slot. Which I guess means I just answered the age old question "spit or swallow?". Anyway you'll start to hear a buzzing, start hitting buttons while putting more water into the slot, when it starts spitting out sodas, stop with the water and keep hitting buttons, collect the sodas and go. This WILL damage the machine to the point it needs repairs, it will also empty out all the sodas in the machine. Well have fun, and be safe.

Another helpful hint from your weird uncle Frank