I don't know how these things are in America, but I guess capitalism is alike in every part of the world. Here in Europe, you will NEVER EVER see the word "small" next to anything for sale.

Most pizza/drinks/hamburger companies serve "individual", "regular" and "large". Others serve "regular", "large" and "very large". "Small" seems to be a forbidden word. Lately, it seems forbidden even in clothing! Traditional S, M, L and XL clothes are slowly being substituted by M, L, XL and XXL; or even just L with a variable number of X's. What happens? Are small people bad or something? Will I end up being XXXXXL?

Well, at least we will always feel better thinking that now we can buy a super-hyper-mega-extra-large pizza or hamburger for the price of a "small" one some years ago. I guess that's one of the great achievements of capitalism!