Years of experience have led me to the conclusion that the idea of anything "clicking" is an illusion.

You know what I'm talking about. Those movies where, about halfway through, after the exposition and much of the conflict, but before the triumphant ending, they show the main character engaged in the activity he or she fumbled through during the early parts of the movie, usually to music suitable for cruising.

And then amazingly, when they fade the pumping bass of the song out, and there stands the newly discovered master in uniform, any shred of the incompetent loser completely vanished. Amazingly, this character no longer makes mistakes or finds their craft challenging. This is usually affirmed by the inevitable test of their newfound skills. This, my friends, is the moment when it has "clicked."

Sadly enough, I used to believe this farce. I would work on things and practice things, waiting for them to click, and frustration would overcome me each time my progress was steady but so slow as sometimes not even to be noticable.

So in case anyone else is still victim to this flawed notion, allow me to share: getting good takes work. Nothing more, nothing less. You may have an initial boost that comes easy, this is the result of talent. However, if you want to really progress, you simply have to work. Additionally, being good doesn't mean you won't make mistakes. It's often said that if you're not making mistakes, you're not challenging yourself.