A part of the IPA/ASCII standard by Evan Kirschenbaum.

Appendix A. Feature Abbreviations

vcd     voiced              nas     nasal           fnt     front
vls     voiceless           orl     oral            cnt     center
                            apr     approximant     bck     back
blb     bilabial            vwl     vowel
lbd     labio-dental        lat     lateral         unr     unrounded
dnt     dental              ctl     central         rnd     rounded
alv     alveolar            trl     trill
rfx     retroflex           flp     flap            asp     aspirated
pla     palato-alveolar     clk     click           unx     unexploded
pal     palatal             ejc     ejective        syl     syllabic
vel     velar               imp     implosive       mrm     murmured
lbv     labio-velar                                 lng     long
uvl     uvular              hgh     high            vzd     velarized
phr     pharyngeal          smh     semi-high       lzd     labialized
glt     Glottal             umd     upper-mid       pzd     palatalized
                            mid     mid             rzd     rhoticized
stp     stop                lmd     lower-mid       nzd     nasalized
frc     fricative           low     low             fzd     pharyngealized

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