Short-lived drama that aired on FOX in the summer of 1997. It was done by Aaron Spelling in the same model as Melrose Place and Beverly Hills, 90210. Finola Hughes from All My Children played a main role, as did Lucky Vanous of Diet Pepsi commercial fame and Greg Evigan of the Canadian show "Big Sound".

The show chronicled the scandalous lives of residents of Pacific Palisades, California. Most of the characters worked at an architect firm. The show kicked off with a motorcycle accident which killed off one of the architects. From there, the show went way over the top, with plots like "I'm not your sister, I'm your mother!" (which ended up as "I'm in love with my brother-in-law... I mean father-in-law!") and "I want a baby, I think I'll take this one". Not to forget the compelling "I met a guy who claims he's my dad on the Internet. I think I'll go meet him alone in a secluded place."

All the elements of a great evening soap were there: catfights mistaken identity, murder, and lots of sex. Joan Collins was eventually introduced as the slutty real estate agent's mom to boost the show's bad ratings, but it didn't work, and the show was cancelled after thirteen episodes.