A one-celled plant that grows in water and has an amino acid pattern similar to animal protein. Contains significant amounts of essential fatty acids, iron, B-12, and minerals. It can be used to boost immunity and energy levels, to help with detoxification and smoking cessation, and to prevent altitude sickness. Spirulina appears to inhibit the penetration of viruses into cell walls. It reduces the infectivity of HIV, flu, measles, herpes, and common cold viruses. It may prevent and even reverse certain cancers. In Kerala, India, 30 tobacco-chewers with pre-cancerous mouth lesions took 1 gram of spirulina per day. Half of them had a complete disappearance of symptoms compared to only 7% of a control group.

To add more spirulina to your diet, you can buy tabs, powders, or mixes (with protein) in chocolate or vanilla flavors. I put a scoop of soy-spirulina vanilla-flavored high protein powder in a blender with milk, yogurt, fruit, and cheetos. It's the cheetos that make it. I like the orange color.