Legendary meat pie outlet down by the naval yards in Woolloomooloo, Sydney.

Harry "Tiger" Edwards established the world-famous Harry's Café de Wheels in 1945, and quickly established his trailer as a late night haunt of sailors, politicians, cabbies, and night-owls.

Harry's cart has been moved by the city council five times over the past 55 years, and is now back at the original spot where the legend was born over a half a century ago.

Harry's specialises in the same basic fare today as was popular back in the 40s -- pies and mushy peas. During the 1970s Harry's introduced hot dogs, mostly to appease the American sailors who had sought out the same pie cart as their fathers and uncles had told them about in old Sydney town, during the war.

A virtual visit to Harry's:

It's 4am and you're hungry. To Harry's! You pull up several car lengths from the famous trailer, as Wharf Road seems to be filled with parked taxis, their drivers all hunched over the warmth of the vehicles bonnets, all munching into steaming hot pies. You make your way to the cart, and a young bloke asks for your order. "What'll it be, mate?" You consider one of those modern hot dogs, but return to the classic after a beat or two. "Pie and peas, thanks mate".

Your pie, a crusty pastry, an inch and a half in height and a little smaller than a saucer in circumference, and filled with chunky steak and gravy, is taken taken from the pie heater behind the attendant. He puts your pie onto a paper plate and slops a heaping serving spoon of mushy peas onto the top of the pie. He plonks a plastic fork into the top of the mini mountain of deliciousness, and hands it over. You pay, two bucks. You squirt tomato sauce onto the peas and make your way over to the footpath, no more than a metre from the water of Woolloomooloo Bay. You can see the Opera House lit in the mid distance, and a battleship or three is right in front of you.

You eat, and prepare to get back into your car. More customers are lining at the counter...

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