(re: arrowfall's write-up above) Walking long distances when you're emotionally stunned/numb/weighed down/eviscerated is almost the only thing you can do. If it's bad enough, it seems that people either go into hibernation and stop eating, working, and showering, or walk. I knew a dude who walked almost all of his waking hours after his fiance (or "financier," as Gene Wilder said in Young Frankenstein) broke off their engagement. He got to recognize other people walking, said that there were always the same people, and one day he realized that he had become one of them, like it was an unspoken community. Move or curl up and die.

Today I have to get my car stereo taken care of. The connection to the battery (I think) is flaky, so sometimes it works, but more often it doesn't. There's been enough 'quiet time' lately. Actually, I'll just devote today to my car: wash it, wax it, treat the leather. Sing to it. Nuzzle it. Whatever. My car doesn't tell me that we're incompatible (of course, there's a lot that it doesn't do....) I also have to take it to the mechanic this week.

Sorry to give off these negative vibes, but I think that today is going to suck about as much as yesterday.

Back to IPX.


I didn't do a damn thing with my car except drive it home from work. What the hell did I do, anyway...I read more of my book Secondhand, watched The Holy Grail on DVD (I told him we already had one), and got some action!. So it didn't suck at all.