I just had a long, tedious talk with my boyfriend via cell phone. As I stated in my previous daylog (September 10, 2000), he and I have been having some pretty complicated problems. I came to see him at college for the weekend, and he ignored me. I asked if we could go out to dinner and then to an apartment party somewhere on Brown Street, but he decided to smoke pot with his band instead. After half an hour or so, he wasn't fit to do anything other than stare at a wall. Then he cried all night. I almost did too, but somehow managed to hold the tears in. So I drank some red Kool-Aid and Bacardi with SoberSephiroth while playing Rush2 on N64. That was the highlight of my weekend.

Back to the phone conversation. I talked Aaron into looking for a job starting tomorrow, and to seek psychological counseling for his obvious depression. He cried some more, I felt bad for being so harsh, but in the end it was all good. I said what he needed to hear. Now we are back to the constant "I love you" phase which has been aparent for about a year now. He's so cute. I only hope it can last this time.