I had such a shitty weekend.

Drove two and a half hours to Ann Arbor to see my boyfriend, but he spent all his time with his band and sleeping. I was left at his apartment, alone, for four hours. I had to resort to stealing a piece of rye bread from one of his absent roommates instead of getting lost looking for an ATM so I could get some fast food. I did my homework, which I could have as easily and more comfortably done in Holland and spare the driving time. I speant more time with Nick and Schmoo playing video games than with Aaron. Needless to say, I was pissed.

When Aaron finally walked in the door around eight in the evening, I was drawing on a paper grocery bag out of lack of anything worthwhile to do. Nick and Schmoo had gotten home a moment before, and they were happily eating their Subway dinner. I ask Aaron if we can go get something to eat, since all I have had is some bread. He says "after I take a nap."

I drove home in the pouring rain early this afternoon, got lost twice, and regretted the whole expirience.