Today was hella busy.

Woke up early to do my hair in those cute little Princess Leia buns on the sides of my head. This naturally took quite some time. The end result was quite amazing, actually. Getting waist length hair onto the top of one's head is always an accomplishment. Oh, it was "Blockbuster Day" at school for Homecoming, so I needed to dress up a bit. Ran out the door to get to Mock Rock practice on time. That went fine.

During first hour, a girl named Mali said I looked like Shampoo. At first I thought she meant my hair looked like shampoo bottles standing on my head (I guess it did, maybe), but then she explained I could be one of those Japanimation characters. Too bad I'm white.

The guys who got caught smoking pot on school property were un-suspended today. They were only gone for five days. Last year, the senior prank (which involved caulking all the doors of the school shut with no real major damage) got all the students involved expelled and they were not allowed to graduate with their class, and sent to court. And yet some kids who get caught doing something extremely illegal only get suspended for five days. Inconsistant? That doesn't even begin to describe West Ottawa High School.

I went to the Powderpuff game at six, and then to the basketball game immediately afterwards for pep band. I only stayed there long enough to play through the intro before running to the National Art Honors Society meeting I was supposed to be leading. I learned how to weld before finishing there. It was exciting.

Made some pancakes for dinner, and here I am.