While driving through town today after class, I passed by the ancient candy shop which my friends and I had stood outside of, in the freezing sleet/rain/snow, eating ice cream and watching cars run the numerous stop signs. When was this, you ask? We were out there dressed in our finest, on the way to the homecoming dance, only last Saturday. Seems like a lot longer ago though. Downtown looks completely different when you're a pedestrian as opposed to driving a car - you tend to notice more of the tiny shops and various random artifacts littering the sidewalk. I prefer being in a car during this weather though. Sorry.

I went to do my French homework last night, which involved listening to a CD. I got the CD out of its little case and put it in my portable player around 4am this morning. It didn't work. I removed the CD and examined it, and realized the damn thing was almost completely cracked in half. A frickin $52 language CD, cracked in half. I felt pretty stupid. So I borrowed my partners and made a copy instead of buying a new one. I'm cheap. Or maybe just sensible.

Yesterday we had to bring a bone to anatomy class for dissection. I don't eat meat with bones in it (buckis), so I had difficulty finding one to bring along. Thankfully, one girl had brought six huge cow femurs to share with us less fortunate children. I was a bit hesitant to touch the bloody chunks of white stuff, but after a while I learned to deal with it. There was a circle of squishy marrow in the center, which I had to scrape out with a pair of tweezers and a lot of hot water. I even managed to gross out the teacher, who is an avid fan of dissection and a frequent deer hunter used to the blood and gore of dead things. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Today was our last marching band practice before festival tomorrow. We have improved so much in the last month (thankfully), so I don't think we'll be too embarrassed. Three members of the band were in a major car accident this past Friday and are unable to march for festival, even after all the long hours of practice they put in. Two of them have concussions, the other is in a neck brace and unable to move. Not cool.

I lost my expensive pair of sunglasses during the before mentioned rehearsal, only to go around berating all the other band people for stealing them. Turns out one of them had found the glasses on the ground, picked them up without saying anything, and put them in the bell of his saxophone. He had not intended to give them back until I nagged him into admitting he had them. But I still felt bad for getting on his case. Confrontations scare me.

So that was my day.