I spent most of the day looking forward to something I ended up not enjoying, only to fall asleep at Aaron’s house until just moments ago.

School dragged by, slow as ever. AP Art was slightly interesting, I suppose, seeing as how we were allowed to work almost completely uninterrupted. That is, after Mrs. Propst gave her usual half-hour lecture on nothing and everything. Each day these lectures are different, but every day they are meaningless and a waste of valuable studio time. For example, while I was painting, she decided to sit down behind me and carry on a monolog about the corruptness of society in concern to its attentiveness to physical beauty. I’m sure this one-sided conversation was rooted in the subject of my semester concentration, which happens to involve some personal crap, and yet I found myself slightly irritated at the disturbance in my work.

AP Stats was almost unbearable. Although I find null and alternative hypotheses beyond thrilling, I could not keep my eyes open long enough to follow through the process of finding the probability of a Type II Error. We got our quizzes back today as well, which I scored 100% on. That grade just doesn’t have the same thrill it used to posses; I remember when I used to get good grades and feel proud. Now I just feel like I could have done better.

Lunch consisted of a very demented bagel and several starburst candies. I found my brother in the hallway on my way to the lunch line (I was too cold to walk to my car and drive to Taco Bell). He told me to hold out my hand. I did. He filled it with a small pile of large while pills looking similar to asprin. He said to take care of them for him. I just put them in my pocket and hoped he wouldn’t notice when I flushed them at the first opportunity.

I spent most of the half hour sitting in the hall down by my locker in the science wing studying for our AP Psych test coming up fifth hour. I read over the volumes of notes and various other informational material until I felt full of knowledge to a higher degree. Bobby came and found me around five minutes before the bell rang. We sat in the hall and spoke of the memorable times back in the day in FST with Mrs. Bruns. Those were certainly miserable moments to last a lifetime.

The test went well. The essay was simple enough, asking for a description of Piaget’s Theory about cognitive development. We had had this drilled into our heads for a week, so it wasn’t very challenging. I think I got maybe two questions out of a million wrong. I feel like I do no work in this class, and yet I have the highest average out of all 115 students taking it. Studying consists of most the lunch hour before the test spent rereading notes. My homework is done during class right before we hand it in. I spend most the class gossiping with Big Norm, another buddy from the FST days. Whatever works, I guess.

I talked to my seventh hour teacher before the bell rang and explained that I needed to leave an hour and fifteen minutes before class actually ended. Being the reliable student I am, she didn’t even ask what for. I sat through announcements and the read aloud time, and then I was off to do what I had been looking forward to do all day.

I got over to Aaron’s house at about 1:30. We left for Tim’s about an hour later or so, which was a deviation from the original plan of spending a quiet afternoon together. Aaron had promised Tim he’d come over, but never thought of the fact that he has no car on this side of the state. So I drove all the way out to New Holland and then out past the highway when we caught up with the boys. I had never been to Tim’s house before, and I don’t think I’ll go again.

It was a mess. There were not only cats everywhere, but there was also a large, unclean, dreadlocked dog named Muffy in the basement who could not be touched because of her pains.She was a scary, buckis sight to see. I hate seeing animals in pain and uncared for, and that’s definitely what she was. I offered to give her a bath on the spot, even though I’ve never met he before. Tim said no, she couldn’t be touched without falling over.

One of the cats spent the entire time we were there with its bum in the air, meowing incessantly for someone or something to do her. I found it disgusting yet hilarious. We locked her in the other room, but we could still hear the piercing wails of a cat in heat.

Aaron and Tim played around with their musical things. I was left to sit amongst a group of strangers who had no interest in making me feel welcome. I sat in a living room filled with clothes, video games, a three foot tall hookah on the coffee table, and several overflowing ash trays. I was all alone except for two guys I’ve never seen before. When some questionable activity started, I decided to take off and leave Aaron to fend for himself. As I was walking out the door, a bunch of other people were walking in. I was glad to leave the madness behind, even if I had been looking forward to spending time with Aaron all day.

I went back to his house over on Lakewood and fell asleep until ten o’clock. I guess this must have been a sign that I need to sleep at night more often. Perhaps I will.