Suggestions for a cheap way to have the most fun in one sunday.

well maybe this kind of sunday is something that isn't very easy to orchestrate, some will even condemn me for the kind of things i do which gives me enjoyment.

start off with a trip to the store, buy some cola, beer, and a pack of uhmm prophylactics, heh, now yer intrigued huh?

Go home, put drinks in fridge. get an old door from the storage fashion a makeshift backstop, load newly acquired marlin 60 sb with remington subsonic .22 lr (ok at this point, i have probly just earned a dv from 90% of e2) fire at shoot n c targets and awe audience. be humble, say thanks for the compliments on shooting and on the nice rifle.

11:00 the spongebob a thon starts, unload rifle. watch TV. in between episodes squeeze in a few shots. repeat til noon. time to eat, heat pizza and burgers from last night, WASH HANDS lead is poisonous! (.22 lr bullets are mostly lead) eat.

repeat TV and shooting.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Glorious!

ok now i need more ammo.