Marlin Firearms Co. claims to have manufactured 11 million of these rifles since it was developed in 1960.

Always and has been a value or economy rifle the Marlin model 60 is one of the best buys in the market. Rarely costing over $200, this semiautomatic, .22 lr only, blowback operated, tube magazine fed rifle is affordable but in no means cheap.

The older 60s had an 18 shot capacity although the newer ones are now limited to 14. The basic mechanism and operation of the rifle has remain unchanged since its first manufacture but the newer ones has significantly more synthetic parts than the old model 60. The trigger group and one locking pin inside the action are now synthetic.

The barrel on this marvelous .22 lr rifle has what Marlin calls Micro-Groove rifling which gives a better gas seal, less bullet deformation and along with the precision crown, makes this rifle a very accurate one up to 100 yards. Probably even more with high magnification optics and in the hands of an expert marksman.

The 60 now comes in five variants.

The mechanism is exactly the same on all five and the differences are mostly cosmetic. I personally chose the 60SB as being stainless, it will probably hold up better in the humid climate I thrive in. And to me, it is the most beautiful of the five.

In my opinion, the Marlin 60 is a fine economy rifle, but just so that it can reach its full potential, there are some changes that I would suggest.

  1. Steel adjustable trigger and trigger guard. Adjustable for overtravel and trigger pull weight.
  2. One piece, click adjustable rear sight.
  3. Bring back the 18 round capacity model.
  4. Heavier and beefier stock, with swivel studs.
  5. Model 39 type muzzle crown.

Hey who ate the last part of this? Anyway folks, this was a bit longer but I guess it got edited. For more info on this rifle, just message me.

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