Shoot N C, not North Carolina, it's a play on "shoot and see", an innovative product from Birchwood Casey.

It's a target that was specifically designed to make spotting hits easier as compared to spotting hits on regular paper target.

It's made from some sort of neon yellow vinyl and has a opaque black coating that easily flakes off when shot, the material is quite similar to the silver stuff you scratch out of scratch out lottery cards or prepaid long distance telephone cards. The rings and the numbers that make the bullseye are neon yellow in color, to make aiming easier.

When a bullet hits the target, the force of impact not only makes a hole the same size of the bullet but makes a "splash" like ring twice the size of the bullet hole around the bullet hole. This ring is neon yellow in color and makes spotting hits much easier even from distances of 100 yards.

To get a rough idea of how it's like, imagine that it gives an impression you are shooting paintballs.

It can be more expensive than plain paper targets, but if you don't have a spotting scope it can save you time when practicing your marksmanship. For the type of shooting I do, it's mostly a novelty, but once you do real rifle shooting at real rifle distances, 800 to 1000 yards, the help Shoot N C can give is just immense. Imagine having to walk down 1000 yards just to verify your hits!

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