Good morning.

10:45 AM

Today was an early morning. Tuesday is my chemistry lab and problem session. I always forget which it is, we have them on alternate weeks. The problem session starts at 8:30 and the lab at 8:00, so inevitably I'm either early for the problem session or late for the lab. Last week, I just plain slept through the lab completely. Woke up at 9:45, looked at the clock, fuck, and went back to sleep. I try not to do that too often.

I think maybe I should get a bed that is less comfortable. It seems my problem is not my alarm, but me. I wake up and realize how comfortable my bed is and then consequently roll over and go back to sleep, I have my own inertia of sorts. A kaniff at rest tends to remain at rest unless acted upon by another force. That force usually tends to be the "realization that it's 9 and I'm still in bed" smacking me upside the head.

11:15 AM

I hate the banking industry. Not for any particular reason. I'm just a little frustrated with my bank this morning. I've been trying to find a good plane fare to go to Ohio and visit my girlfriend. I finally find a excellent deal at US Air, roundtrip between Akron/Canton and Raleigh-Durham for $189. Not bad. So I go to book it, and it won't accept my blasted address. I'm still in school, so my address is a dorm room. I've manage to mangle it to the point that it's not construed as a PO Box, since no one wants to take a PO Box. Instead of using the box number @ NCSU, like I am supposed to use. I use my room number and my hall name, which works well. So I enter in the address and the page refuses to make my reservation since the address doesn't verify. So I call my bank to try and work something out with them and they tell me that not only does that address not verify, but it's also returned an insufficient funds error.

No. I have $218.03 in my checking account. Technically, I do. But, for some bizarre reason.. my available balance is only $163 and some cents. Why? So the bank is going to tell me how to spend my money now? I think not! I have no balance minimum on my account and have always been able to spend any amount that's listed as my current balance. Grrr.

Now it's lunch time. I shall go console myself with a meal at our school's not bad to mediocre dining hall. Hmph.

12:56 PM
Nap time for yours truly! Need to catch some Z's before chemistry lecture, it always puts me to sleep. Tuesday is a bitch, I have chemistry problem session and then lecture. Enough chemistry to kill a guy. In other news, I decided to nix on the dining hall and hit Chik-Fil-A for lunch, we have one on campus. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Pickles on a chicken sandwich, what genius. I think someone should get a Nobel Prize for that.

2:15 PM
Once again, I had to fight the uphill battle to get out of bed and now I'm late for chemistry! *mad dash to dabney hall*

6:08 PM
Well, that's all my classes for the day. My PSY 200 teacher has an amazing talent, he can take an interesting subject like Psychology and make it boring enough to put you right to sleep. Don't get me wrong, he's a good teacher and I like the class. I just can not stay awake for the life of me. I really like the class, psychology is totally my bag, but it's like a shiny swinging watch on a 20 foot high projector. Ahhh, Simpsons Halloween episodes. Toodles.

7:50 PM
This concludes our broadcast day. Hope you all have a night night. Take it easy.