This isn't a night-dream, I can't remember what it was, having had so short sleep last night. No, I was lying on couch, semi-watching Jyrki, finnish music video show. So, I feel asleep. In a dream the people from the show came into my living room. They got a letter where someone asked for something by Pink Floyd from The Wall. They said, they don't have anything from it but how about "Wish you were here" (or something like that... don't blame me if they don't have such song; it was just a dream and I've never listened to Pink Floyd, really). So they put it on, and then started playing air-guitar. Suddenly the other turned into a baby and another into a 8-year-old girl and they assaulted me. The baby was just pulling himself up on the table with great effort when I woke up, to see that "wish you were here" or whatever it was by Pink Floyd on TV.

I believe that was RL filtering into dreams.