I hate my fiscal situation.. i hate it a lot..
i hate my freedom.. i hate my fences..
i hate the fact i cant trust my own impulses..
i hate my solitude.. i crave my peace..

Those aloof boys
I updated that node sucker for a guy who....
call me inspired.. or maybe not..
I should beg of you to inspire me..
although i know i need to do it on my own for myself.
I noded the song "Simple Life" yesterday..
i wish i didn't feel like that.

I was stupid for about a week straight now.
Yah yah I know.. I am not mentioning this to get a "poor girl"..
I am coping. I lost 10 lbs. I have to be honest.
I am more scared about a week from now.
Will I gain it back, and start this track all over again?
I wish i'd just stay off with healthy diet and working out.
To my dear sister ophie.. we had a wacky early weekend
and understands why I noded "Why Do I Lie?" and "Mood Swing".

I talked to that girl who think I can say she is my friend.
I am not sure how she feels about me.
I've grown to care about her well-being, I think she is a good person..
we all have our issues..
she can at least deal with hers
. She mentioned the song "Hello Kitty Kat" in some writing recently..
I noded it from my perspective.. but i dedicate it to her.

It's about 8am right now.
I am going to go run to the post office.
Then I have to come back here to wait for the roofer.
So I will node more about my day as it happens.