I need to quote my beloved Elizabeth Wurtzel when I see things like this..

"Heterosexual women live in a world of male pleasure, and despite our complaints, I must assume we like it like that. At the very least, I do. I like wearing high heels, and it's not because they make my feet feel good. When spring turns to summer and it's time to wear pumps without pantyhose and I get blisters on my toes and heels from friction and leather, I feel absurdly and obscenely delighted in the shackles of womanhood that cause this unnecessary pain, this silly Occidental version of foot-binding that is really just a variation on soul-bonding. I like being bound, amid all my radical feminism, to what boys want." - Elizabeth Wurtzel

Just because you don't like it, doesn't give us any reason to stop. I want a man who likes it when I wear heels. I want a man who finds me attractive in them. I want a man who likes me, when I feel sexy. I understand you find this unattractive, no need to rant, just find a girl who likes comfortable shoes.