All in all, this 1986 anime is pretty entertaining.

A-ko tends to oversleep and be late for school. She also possesses superhuman strength and speed.
B-ko is rich and possessive, as well as a technical genius. She tends to build mecha to beat up her rivals.
C-ko is short, loudmouthed, and a horrible cook. She is A-ko's best friend, which makes B-ko jealous.
D is watching A-ko and C-ko every day on their way to school and reporting in to the alien ship. His mission isn't complete until he's 100% sure he's found the lost princess.

The anime follows A-ko and C-ko, who had just transferred to a new school, as they try to fit in and have fun. B-ko, however, keeps trying to steal C-ko away from A-ko.

After B-ko makes A-ko late to school on the one day she tried to be early, a big battle ensues. During the confusion, D becomes 100% sure he's found the princess, and nabs C-ko. A-ko and B-ko team up to rescue her from the alien ship.

What I want to know is why is everyone so obsessed with C-ko?