An anime movie originally intended to be an installment of the Cream Lemon series of adult anime. A decision was made to tone down the level of sexual content so it could be a more mainstream anime film.

The title is a play on Jackie Chan's movie "Project A", and the movie itself features parodies on such popular anime as Macross, Urusei Yatsura, Kimagure Orange Road and Space Cruiser Yamato.

All in all, this 1986 anime is pretty entertaining.

A-ko tends to oversleep and be late for school. She also possesses superhuman strength and speed.
B-ko is rich and possessive, as well as a technical genius. She tends to build mecha to beat up her rivals.
C-ko is short, loudmouthed, and a horrible cook. She is A-ko's best friend, which makes B-ko jealous.
D is watching A-ko and C-ko every day on their way to school and reporting in to the alien ship. His mission isn't complete until he's 100% sure he's found the lost princess.

The anime follows A-ko and C-ko, who had just transferred to a new school, as they try to fit in and have fun. B-ko, however, keeps trying to steal C-ko away from A-ko.

After B-ko makes A-ko late to school on the one day she tried to be early, a big battle ensues. During the confusion, D becomes 100% sure he's found the princess, and nabs C-ko. A-ko and B-ko team up to rescue her from the alien ship.

What I want to know is why is everyone so obsessed with C-ko?

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