Video Game

Console: Microsoft XBox
Genre: Racing / Stunt driving
ESRB rating: E for Mild lyrics
Producer: Bizarre Creations

What's the goal?
There are actually five (5) different modes to challenge yourself with.
  • Quick Race mode - Race through checkpoints against five (5) other cars for a set number of laps. Unlock new levels by earning a bronze medal minimum in each city (race) on a skill level. Go for a gold medal in all cities on a level to unlock new cars. Pure speed.
  • Arcade Race mode - Something of a stunt mode with no other racers. You gain kudos (stunt points) for passing cones (5 points), speed gates (points based on speed), slides (points based on time slide is held), and combos (multiple tricks give you a bonus, this rises extremely high if you can hold a long set of combos and not crash). Crashing into a wall, cone, or anything takes away all point in a combo and has a three (3) second period where you can not gain kudos. There is a time limit, so you can't just do tricks without minding a clock. An explanation does this mode no justice, you'll have to play it. Earn golds to unlock new cars.
  • Time Attack mode - Speed challenge. Attack high scores with no break. No set number of laps. Ghost cars allow you to keep track of how far behind or ahead of you top score you are. Over 200 circuits to choose from!
  • Kudos Challenge mode - Many different challenges in each set of levels. Beat one-on-one races to unlock cars.
  • Medal Attack - Go for a top score, like time attack, but with medals based on a preset time. Each medal unlocks a skin for the car you gain the medal with. Each car has its own circuit to race with its own weather conditions.
  • Multiplayer mode - multiplayer racing. Has a downside in that anyone playing multiplayer must use the profile and options that the game is being played under.
How's the music?
It comes with its own soundtrack. It is mostly fast beat, harder music. It also has the ability to take tracks ripped to the Xbox and make your own soundtrack. It also has radio DJ commentary before songs to set a setting for each city. The theme is Galaxy bounce by The Chemical Brothers.

How are the graphics?
They're great. The cars, cities, and weather are done very well. Although they aren't an exact copy of life, they kick ass. Cars come in realistic colors, and some even have custom paint that would fit the type of car.

So, in the end, what do you think of this game?
If you have an XBox, buy it. If not, don't buy the system for this game. The controls take a little to get used to, but that is with any game. The car selection is good, and each has their own statistics. If I had to rate it in terms of penguins, I would give it Four (4) out of five (5) penguins. The replay value is good due to the amount of game types, and the multiplayer is fun.

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