Isometric -- found at -- is the name of an online comic strip created by Miles Johnson in 1999. Totally drawn in an isometric point-of-view (also called 3/4, quite common in computer games such as Fallout, Ultima VIII: Pagan... you know, that mix of top-view and side-view, showing a slanted plane), and all the characters are... cubes. That's right, cubes. With no arms or legs, just slits for eyes.

Even though most of Iso's stories are stand-alone, most of the stories feature recurring elements: martial arts, ninjas, succubus, a Gothic city corrupted by the Illuminati, computer science, FreeBSD, philosophy, Hell and the very sexy Demoness (er, as sexy as a cube can be!) and the very cool Dangerman -- a yellow cube with yellow police lines across him!

All in all, Isometric tries and gathers lots of cliches found on movies, comics and so on... I guess everybody needs their share of stories with manic heroes, hot chicks, morons at an American high school, forces of nature and science... or a mix-up of any of the forementioned elements. Guaranteed fun!