c'mon! i mean, with a name like jethro bodine, did you expect me not to show up?!


i reckon if'n i'm gonna be there, i'm gonna pull out my Liberty Overalls, western shirts and my steel-toed boots, slap on some Hank Williams and high-tail it up to North Carolia in my one-eyed 1972 Malibu!

bring on the Red Man, corn liquor and firearms!

of course, all this is true except for the Red Man and the Malibu. i'd opt for other substances and my Volvo instead.

any of y'all noders need a ride from anywhere between Atlanta and wherever the hell this is taking place? msg me and we may be able to set something up. i still have 3 vacant seats in my car.
panamaus has claimed one of the ever-so-comfy seats in meinen Auto...anyone else?

i have the solution to cezano's water problems! i will stop at a Home Depot on the way up and procure enough timber, nails and tools so that
we'll build cezano an outhouse!

that's right, complete with seat, flies and a moon-shaped hole in the door. who's with me on this?! i shall use my ninja skills to make this, shall we say, built like a brick shithouse...

after consulting with WonkoDSane quite a bit, he and i have planned to build the outhouse 3 stories tall, featuring:

and a host of other features i've since forgotten.
then i had a great idea: we should enslave the locals and make them build it.

in Wonko's own words, "We can get drunk as lords whilst our slaves labor away. Of course, we need concubines."

hell yeah! old south indeed! however, this looks like it may require more planning...
Becca has some great ideas about it as well, including:

  • a wall lined with AOL CDs
  • a room out of recycled aluminum
  • a wall of books tightly placed togethr so when one is removed, a ray of light will come through to the john
all of which are fabulous ideas. looks like i'm going to be able to put my tig welding skills to use...