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  • It was the second day of the contest and I was going to miss my ride. The dress was thin and you could see the Mickey Mouses on my underwear. I forgot again what to do with the purple cord, tried to use it as a belt but my mother tied it around my neck instead.

    I knew I was late but I went for a walk with nate anyway. He wasn't supposed to talk about the birdhouses but he was so excited, wanted to show me. Towering, 20-foot birdhouses that doubled as speakers, and a new super-secret project, a suspended jogging trail that would never decay. We walked down a gravel path which he assured me was 10% coal, though I didn't see any. Dem bones shouted behind us that it was getting late for both of us and nate better not be giving away any secrets.

    I waited in the parking lot, afraid I'd missed her. She showed up in a station wagon, an uglier woman than I'd imagined. I showed her the underwear problem and she showed me hers. She had on lace shorts though, so it wasn't as bad, and said I could borrow them. I pointed out that they were way too long for my skirt and she gave me an analogy involving a catapult.

  • Mr. Byrne was about to give me a pedicure, and was explaining the choices.

  • Dolly Parton or Minnie Pearl was driving the bus and having a hell of a time. I tried to brighten the headlights but couldn't. She had no fear of what was in front of her - trucks, fences, buildings, we plowed through. We decided coffy = coby.

  • I wanted to read her letter but he threw it into the ocean. It was all right; I found money floating in the waves.

  • In jail I knew someone would ask me for my money, and he did. I emptied my pockets but managed to keep the $550 bill I'd found in the water. Later he took me to a terrible concert and offered me Smarties. He was cruel but I was trying to be easy to get along with. I suggested we team up instead of being enemies. He was not familiar with this concept. "I tell you one thing, I don't care what we are, if I'm going to be around you, you have to lose some of that fucking weight." I agreed, happy.