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  • Looking at her painting of the orchard I said I'm awfully glad there's no stupid old symbolism here, but at the same time, that's what's confusing me. She seemed pleased.
  • I was packing in a frenzy, worried, panicky. Running away. Noah had decided not to go, to make it simpler, but it wsa not simple. Our parents would be home any minute and would make me stay home. I threw another load of stuff in the backseat and didn't understand what was already in the car - had to drag it half out of the car in the fading light to understand it was a mass of blankets, Noah had given me all the warmest blankets and made a pallet in the back seat for when I had to sleep in the car. The cat was stretched out on the hood asleep. It was a red Camaro.

    Flash to when my parents got home. We were standing around watching the Princess Bride. Something reminded me. I whispered to my mom, Remember? This is when I ran away that time.