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  • I was Keanu Reeves and I knew my deception would sour the wine.
  • The old woman handed me the jesus beads, tiny gold tarnished beads that had been sewn on the neck of the tunic he'd been crucified in. I reached for them but they spun away from my hand like magnetic poles. Pete didn't understand but I did. I felt the magnetic electricity pulse through me stronger than it had ever been, and I started crying, I knew there would be no more hiding it.

    "I discovered this in tenth grade. You're only the second person who knows this." I damped down my focus and reached for the beads, able to hold them now. I held them for a second, feeling them throb warmly in my hand, then opened my hand and the string of beads flew away from me again, but this time I was controlling them, and I pulled them back. I did this several times, but Pete (the old woman was gone) seemed to think I was throwing them, controlling their motion with tiny motions of my own. I spread my palm out flat and levitated the beads above my hand. The beads worked best because of what they were, but I could do the same with a button and a pencil. Pete didn't say much.

  • Found a $40 bill which bugged me a little, knew something wasn't right, but pocketed it anyway.
  • I snuck over to my aunt and uncle's house to spread pinestraw over their front yard, to help stop the erosion. I wasn't supposed to. My aunt planted a microphone, trying to catch me at it.
  • Counting my mother's earrings shaped like shoes. I was furious. Couldn't find the little silver earrings I wanted and couldn't believe she owned so many stupid things she never wore. I had to find the right ones or he would not be impressed with me.