My Aunt is only 6 years older than me. When I was a teenager, She (being maybe 19) would take my cousin and I to see movies, to Burger King, for walks around the park and to the record shops. She used to have David Bowie posters all over her walls. She would cancel boyfriends to take me for a walk in Epping Forest.

I remember being very happy that this 19 year old girl was including me in her activities. Looking back, I feel sorry for her: How many 19 year old girls do you think would enjoy hauling 2 spotty 13 year old boys everywhere?

We've both grown up, but I think that we still regard each other as older teenagers - Our conversation doesn't really range over adult things. We now talk about going out, music and stuph, rather than kids, houses, schools and taxes. It's nice to be able to sit with a relative and watch MTV with them; it's amusing to see her squeal with delight as a David Bowie track comes on.

When the family goes for forest walks, we stay together and reminisce.

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