I'm a cop. My partner and I are staking out a run-down crackhouse; the windows are all broken and it looks like a burned-out husk; derelict. We're in an alley next to the building, in my partner's unmarked convertible (top down), smoking pot from a pipe. I'm in the driver's seat, and next to me my partner (black, very attractive) is handing me the pipe and holding in a big hit. I take a large hit and begin to feel paranoia creeping in.

I ask for the keys, and put them in the ignition; I adjust the seat (too far forward) to my liking.

In the rearview I see some (suspicious) people chasing someone. I see a gun. Turn the ignition, peel out, driving recklessly. I scrape up the side of the car a bit against something, ("sorry" to my partner) sparks fly. I draw my service revolver and roll down the window (my instincts are well-honed); racing around he building to flank the group I saw.

I stop at a fenced in area; a guy with an AK-47 stands guard but he looks drunk. I send a few slugs in his direction but he doesn't seem like a threat.

There is another man approaching with a gun in hand (Russian Mafia). I begin to retreat, firing point blank at his chest. He's not stopping! He advances on my partner, firing shots, she goes down... he sees me and begins advancing and I continue pumping rounds into him. Then I realize why he's not fazed... MY FUCKING GUN IS EMPTY (click click click).

I dash towards a parked van (running for my life), I need to re-load. Slow motion (too much Max Payne):

I am heading for cover behind the van
Snap open my revolver
I put bullets in (steady hands) two chambers
Snap the chambers back into place
I have two shots
Time returns to normal...

Without slowing, I circle the van and now I'm running at the advancing Russians full force. They are slightly obscured by the fence corner but I see them coming, and I am ready. I put my gun into the face of the first one around the corner and shoot him in the eye. He grabs his eye, shocked, but not dead. I put my gun into his chest and fire. That's two.

I grapple with the other man who was giving me pills, he managed to feed me one but I made him eat the other. I realize they were hydrochloric acid. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Did I eat one?! I imagine my friend saying: "You shouldn't just eat anything from anyone!" I picture time counting down.... dissolving gel caps.... after about a minute and a half I figure I should be dead. I seem to be ok.