Arcade gun game by Namco.

The basic idea of the game is a series of sub-games, each with unique goals. If you've played Area 51 Site 4's training missions, you've got the idea.

However, what makes Point Blank stand out is the outlandish cartoony graphics, extremely fast gameplay, and rather silly goals. For example, one game requires you to shoot down X piranahs. What they fail to tell you before the game starts is that these piranahs are in a massive school that swims by you at breakneck speeds. Other games include the ol' 'shoot the villans, not the innocents' game, shooting target practice on a test range, skeet shooting, shooting specific tiles in specific order... and, of course, saving Dr. Dan and Dr. Don from whatever they've gotten themselves into. And for the two-player mode, there's 'shoot your colored targets, NOT your opponent's color' games.

All in all, highly recommended. Make sure you find a Point Blank box with the recoiling guns.


Being right up close to something before firing upon it. For example, sticking a gun up to someone's back and shooting them would be considered shooting them at point blank range.

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