The title of the node is not entirely accurate as I have included a few non-obvious tips here as well. I'm making this list primarily for myself as I plan to play the game through again because I didn't see most of these things the first time.

  • Shoot the top of any gas cylinders you see. Sometimes the explosions will reveal extra ammo and painkillers.

  • Shooting pictures of the Statue of Liberty will cause them to fall off the wall (other pictures don't react this way).

  • Not so much an 'egg as a basic hidden room:
    1. At the end of the tutorial level jump on top of the van and onto the fire escape.
    2. Climb the fire escape and break a window at the top to find a secret room.
    3. There is an ingram and some ammo for it here.

  • When you start a new game pay attention to some of the windows in the buildings during the helicopter flyby.

  • In the bank shoot the alarm siren on the ceiling above the computer screen where you open the vault doors.

  • Best easter egg EVER:

    1. At the end of the second level kill the guy in the final battle before he throws his grenade.
    2. Pick the grenade up and run back to the hole in the wall where you saw the rat in the intro to the level.
    3. Throw the grenade in the hole.
    4. Check your mission objectives after the grenade explodes.
    5. Go to the room just past the water at the top of the stairs.
    6. Quickly shoot the base of the darkened ceiling lamp above the piece of wood on the floor (the lamp will fall).

    7. SPOILER: If you did the previous step quickly enough the rats won't start to shoot you. Instead they will shoot eachother until one of them gets a cinematic death sequence (at which point you will become their target, so unless you're a crack shot you should run away!).

  • Thanks to N0Nick for providing this much improved description:
    1. From inside Muerete's room (313 in the hotel -- where you encounter the shotgun trap) exit the room and turn right.
    2. At the end of the hallway turn left and then left again.
    3. You will see a bathroom and a broken wooden door. Break the right side of the door with any weapon and go inside.
    4. Keep going until you get to a broken window. Go through it onto the ledge and follow the blood. You will see another window a few steps away, break it and enter.
    5. In this room you will find some grenades and a dead body with a stake in it. "Buff" is written in blood on the floor next to the body.

  • Near the end of Chapter I shoot at a vehicle driving by. The driver will honk, stop, get out, say "Hey!" and start shooting at you.

  • Shoot the speaker in the chinese laundry elevator

  • In Ragna Rock "use" the instruments and microphone.

  • In the dock area climb up the crane and jump to some cargo containers. You will find a container with ammo and painkillers.

  • At the beginning of Chapter III you start on the roof of the multi-story car park.
    1. Jump on the barrels to the roof near the exit ramp.
    2. Shoot the peculiar looking metal wall (it collapses)
    3. Go through, drop through the vent in the floor and you end up in a small room with a sniper rifle, ammo and a radio.
    4. "Use" the radio

  • During the rooftop chase check out the windows in one of the roof areas (possibly "one on the wall you come through"). There's a room there with Soldier of Fortune II posters on the walls, grenades and ammo.

  • In the manor level walk up to the piano and hold down the "use" key. Shoot the support bar and try to play the piano again.

Except as noted, the raw material for this w/u came from the Max Payne forum at Voodoo Extreme and from my own experiences. Thanks for the w/u about the Dopefish room.

In response to your question, here's how to get to the Dopefish room in "Police Brutality" (Chapter 1, Part 7):

1. Play through the level until you get to the scene with Vinnie trying to open a door.
2. Turn left and look for a ledge that leads to a fire escape on an adjacent building. Jump onto it.
3. Go down the fire escape and you will land behind a fence by a Desert Eagle.
4. Go through the door on the right (the other won't open) and you will be in a room with Molitov Cocktails and Grenades, and a picture of the Dopefish!
5. Go up the stairs in this room and you come out where you were in step 1.

I think you forgot the easter egg in Chapter 3, Part 6, "In the land of the Blind":

1. Play through the level until you get to the room where you find the note and porn video.
2. In the next room you will find the blueprint for Aesir plaza and a tv news report mentioning that Aesir is a bigger monopoly than Microsoft. The egg is in the room after that.
3. You'll come out of that room and into another dark room with a couch on one side and a desk on the other. Shoot the pictures. Under one is a white switch. Use the switch.
4. When you do that, the couch will lift up, revealing a secret passage. Go in and use the TV.

Have fun. :)

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