4:45a EST - Wake up. Realize that the state of being awake is something that, in fact, has been in occurance for the past 5 and a half hours. Attempt to recoup some sleep. Much needed sleep.

5:15a EST - Wake up, again. Realize that this is the only sleep that I had the entire night. Get up. Defrag computer. Notice that defrag isn't going to work, as always. Set shell to defrag.exe, reboot. Ha, that works. Take shower.

6:10a EST - Catch bus to work. Curse the bus driver silently for having the lights on - which will distrub any further attempts at sleep. Curse the city for hosting the Republican National Convention, which will disturb my bus ride, which in turn will disturb my sleep.

6:40a EST - Arrive at work, bright and cheery. The adjectives bright and cheery were substituted for miserable and shitty until I got my 2nd cup of hot chocolate in me. Today's the day I'm supposed to register for classes, but 2 classes I need to graduate were filled even before my registration timeperiod begain. Very fun to have happen to me.

12:00p EST - After updating 2 Flash projects which took no less than an hour each to update, because some developer in the building decided to make a tiny minor graphical adjustment to one of our products, continuing work on a 3rd project, and doing other menial intern tasks, it's finally time for lunch. And lucky me, I have no appetite, so it's back to work.

6:30p EST - After working on the latest project for the remainder of the day (doing about 15 minutes of work over the span of 4 hours... life is good), I head home, and catch the remainder of the day's sleep (30 minutes) on the bus ride. But now the school's router is down. My internet access is cut off, with the only alternatives being AOL or work's ultra uber firewalled proxied securid'ed connection. Oh well, I think I'm just gonna ditch my comp for the night anyway... Which wouldn't be a problem, except that it's miserable outside, and everyone around here is studying. Grrrrrr.