That's it. I'm going vegetarian.


I went for almost a year with no meat. To my credit, that's quite an accomplishment. However, when I realized that SOY! SOY! SOY! does not make me strong, but only wreaks havoc my stomach, that I would have to find an alternative. So I went back to being Omnivorous.

Until today.

ROAST BEEF SHOULD NOT BE GREEN! And yet there it was, staring at me from the plate, mocking me. Teasing me. Saying, 'Ha-ha, you see? I'm spoiled. I'm rotten. And yet YOU PAID FOR ME!'
It's not that I have anything against meat, it's just the exact same reason drove me away last time. So, I'm altering my diet, yet again. I'm not going back to soy any time soon, but I'm making changes on what foods I eat. This is the last time I try to get a full meal out of work's vending machine, and amazingly, it was also the first time I tried. Apparently, in this company, I am alone in my discoveries of bad meat, unlike my previous job, where it seemed to happen more often than not.

Here are my new rules for eating meat

  • NO MEAT PRODUCTS FROM VENDING MACHINES. I'm 2 for 2 in 2 seperate jobs in this category. Perhaps now will be a good time to stay away for good.
  • No more unprocessed meat. I consider unprocessed as "not in a can". No more supermarket-purchased lunch meat, of any type. Canned soups containing meat is still acceptable. I'll make exceptions for this on a play-by-play basis.

This means, once I begin to eat in the school cafeteria once more (classes in 4 weeks), I need to see the food be cooked myself before I eat it. I need to see other people get the food and not return it before I eat it. I will not order from strange restaurants, only ones I am familiar with. While dining out, I will make note to see what everyone else is eating, if they are eating it and not becoming violently ill, I will assume the food is safe.

This is really frustrating. Maybe I'll just abandon food altogether and live off of flax seeds for the rest of my life.