James Arthur "Jamie" Madrox appeared in several X-Men comic strips. He used the name Multiple Man, and was instrumental in taking down Mutant X. He had the ability to create copies of himself that he could control. He's died a couple of times, but has resurfaced with the "it wasn't me that died, it was one of my copies" story.

Jamie Madrox (born James Spaniolo) is also the current name of a Detroit rapper formerly known as Mr. Bones. Formerly of the House of Krazees, he's now a member of the group Twiztid. Judging from song titles like "Mutant X", and lyrics like "the multiple man appears in multiples of two", it's apparent that choosing this name was a direct result of contact with X-Men comic books. Jamie is also a huge fan of Batman, and appeared in the Hallowicked 2000 concert dressed as the Dark Knight. In the Twiztid video "Behind the Freek Show", Jamie's fictional father is referred to as Arthur Madrox. Jamie also raps with the Psychopathic Rydas under the name Lil Shank.

Jamie appeared in the movie as "Big Stank", a wannabe gangsta. He's also wrestled in the JCW.