The Psychopathic Rydas is a "gangsta rap" group on the small-time Detroit label "Joe and Joey Records", which is owned by Joe Bruce and Joey Utsler. Their gimmick is that they wear T-shirts folded into ninja masks and red baseball jerseys that say "Psychopathic" in black letters on the front. They also rap exclusively over beats stolen from other rappers, which is bound to land them in jail.

When the group started, there were five members, Bullet, Full Clip, Lil Shank, Twin Gats, and Foe Foe. Twin Gats soon left the label, even before their first CD, "Dumpin'", was finished recording. Cell Block joined long after Twin Gats quit, but they still appear on a couple of tracks on "Dumpin'" together. Lil Shank and Foe Foe are currently recording full solo albums. Note, every Rydas member is also on Psychopathic Records under a different name, and the Rydas is a side project they do for fun.

As of this write-up (March 9, 2001) this group has only performed live three times. Once at the 2000 Gathering of the Juggalos, where they headlined the first night's concert, and at both 2000 Hallowicked Shows, where they were the first opening act.

Update 7/17/2000: The Rydas now sport bandanas and flannels.


Dumpin' (Released fall 1999) Tracks: Dumpin', Skrilla 4 Rilla, R-U-A Ryda, Everyday, Ryda Hata, Slug N Ya Noggin, Ghetto Fantasies, Who? (This song contains the only stolen beat I recognize, it's from a Cypress Hill Song), Killa Ova Nuttin', Plug Dat Puss, Back 2 Crack, Rydin' 4 Life

Ryden Dirtay (Released summer 2001) Tracks: Intrizzo, Gangsta Shit, Nobody in this Game, Never Gone Quit (f/Lil' Poot), Boom!, Ride 2 Da End, Bye Bye, Dem Bitches, There It Goes, Ryden Dirtay (features a beat lifted from the Shaggy song It Wasn't Me), Ride Out, Thumpin', Murder Follows Me

The Insane Clown Posse releases a comic book called "The Pendulum". Every issue comes with a free CD single. Issue #7 contains three Rydas "solo" tracks.. Full Clip's "What Rydas Do For Money" (w/Rude-Boy of Psychopathic Records), and Bullet's "Who Wanna Flex" (w/Full Clip) and "I Don't Wanna Die".

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