The Nuns were a mid 70's punk band based in San Francisco. The band was formed by Alejandro Escovedo and Jeff Olener while working on a student film project. They were trying to make a documentary about a rock band that couldn't play their instruments. After no luck, they decided to play the parts themseleves. They recruited Richie Dietrich and Jennifer Miro to round out the band.

In 1977, The Nuns had become one of the most popular bands in the San Francisco area, often times selling out two shows a night in various punk clubs. Major labels were after the band to record an album and they ended up spending several months in the studio trying to complete a demo for CBS. They may have had a hard time with the process because the group soon broke up with only raw material layed down. However, sometime before the group disbanded, they performed their most noteworthy show. The Nuns appeared on the January 14th, 1978 bill at Winterland to open up for the Sex Pistols then last show. They were the first band to play that night, followed by the Avengers, and then the Sex Pistols.

Soon after this show, Alejandro Escovedo moved to Austin, TX to pursue another band that he created named Rank and File. The other band members continued to work together in Los Angeles under the name 391. Meanwhile, the producer of their demo tapes had been listening and shopping around and had decided that the time was now to release an album. The Nuns got back together in 1980 to record an album. Escovedo was the only one who declined to return at this point.

History is blurred at this point, but there were several releases by The Nuns on Posh Boy Music and although the group was mostly underground and independent, they did achieve chart success with the song No Solution. This track, penned by Jeff Olener and Alejandro Escovedo rose to #2 on the Swedish charts after being recorded and released by the group SATOR. This song was never recorded in the studio by The Nuns themselves, but was taken from a bootlegged live recording and placed on a vinyl compilation. SATOR liked the track so much that they decided to record it.

There is no exact date to be found for when The Nuns actually parted ways for the last time, but they went missing through the later part of the 80's and all the 90's. There is no talk of a reunion, but the members do still occasionly perform together.

The Nuns Discography:
(No release dates available)

THE NUNS - Wild (COMP)(LP) - PBS 106
THE NUNS - In The Shadows / Invisible People (45) - PBS 23
THE NUNS - The Nuns (BLP 4010)(LP) - PBS 105
THE NUNS - Desperate Children. (CD)(IP) - PBCD 88158-2
THE NUNS - 4 Days In A Motel Room: Their Greatest Sins. (CD)(IP) - PBCD 8159-2