A group of fellow students and I get on a plane home (to Hong Kong) from Italy. The trip that we took there was the gift of a wealthy benefactor who thought we could learn from it. As soon as the 'plane takes off, this benefactor, with whom I have become friends (perhaps he is an alum), calls the airplane phone, and we chat the whole way back. When we are about to land, I tell him with surprise that we have been talking the whole flight, making it seem short.

We get back to Hong Kong, and everybody goes their own way for the night. It's late, and I find myself on the street in Central, where I still have a ways to walk uphill to get home. However, I walk down the street looking for shops in which to buy traditional Chinese dried snacks (like dried mango, dried prune, dried squid). I find one, but have trouble purchasing because of what kind of money I have on me.

Well, I give up. I hail a cab, and go home.