16:36 GMT

My body has decided that due to yesterday's workout, that it's going to lay down a few laws, which, when broken are punishable by extreme pain and suffering.

  • Getting out of bed in any way will be punished by at least two sources of significant pain.
  • Arms may not be used to push myself out of a chair
  • Putting on, or readjusting my glasses is punishable by an extremely sharp pain to the triceps.
  • No reaching anywhere above 90 degrees
The jury in this case is merciless. I'm guilty without hope of being proven innocent. This really sucks. And I only learn new laws by breaking them.

It looks like I won't be doing much today. I'll probably just be wandering the apartment looking like a hunchback, with my arms dangled at the sides.

This has to be the pinnacle reason why there are so many crappy alternatives to losing weight. I'm sticking with this though. All of those other scams are all substitutes for the real thing (excercise), and I want to do this the right way. If I still have this attitude after all of this pain, I think the outlook is pretty good.

I wonder if I should go try to watch a movie again today. If I go over there now, the lines should be a lot shorter. Just looked and there's one starting in a half hour. I think I'll go do that to distract myself from sore muscles for a while.

19:14 GMT

I just got back from watching Charlie's Angels. It was great. The movie was better than I was expecting, since I figured that they would cut back on plot since there was so much eye candy. But the story had some nice twists that I wasn't expecting. The girls were great. I really liked the fighting sequences. I was suprised when I saw Tom Green in it (especially as Drew Barrymore's character's boyfriend).

Oh well, I'm going to go have lunch and find something else to do.

01:48 GMT

I went down to Fort Lauderdale beach for a few hours, walked up and down the main area, and sat and enjoyed some live music from Atlantis. There are a lot of people that go down there to get their excercise by the beach. I guess it's a pretty nice area. I saw a lot of people getting some aerobic excercise on rollerblades.

I notice how you never see anyone on roller skates anymore. I guess they are old fashioned now compared to rollerblades, but aren't rollerblades a bit harder on the ankles since they can lean to the sides? I thought about trying out some rollerblades once, but I have a persistently bad left ankle, and I'll probably mess it up even worse if I do anything weird with it.

After that I took the long way back home, with the windows down, enjoying the cooler weather. I wish it was this way all year around. I suppose Florida would be even more crowded though if we didn't have the hot season to scare half the people away.

I seen a lot of people in pairs. I need a girlfriend. It sucks to do this kind of stuff without someone to share the experience with.

06:01 GMT

There goes my nightly window wash to remind me to go to bed. About two weeks ago, for some reason, the lawn sprinkler right outside my window got redirected so now every night at 1am I get a waterfall on my window. This is especially impressive because I am in a second floor apartment. This is about the time of night when I need to go to bed anyway, so I will use this as a signal to stop what I'm doing (which on an average night, I'm probably browsing through pictures on alt.binaries.pictures.bluebird.reposts), and go to sleep.

I just spent at least two hours trying to think of a good nick to use if/when I start to get back on IRC again (trying to find something social to do). I figured I should also think of something I can use as a userid for websites that need registrations. So this means that I should choose something that is exactly 8 characters in length, because some sites want at least that many characters, and other sites will not accept more than that many characters.

My sore muscles are freakin' killing me now. I am certianly going to have trouble sleeping. But I'm going to try now.