Various facts about Krusty the Clown (also known as Herschel Schmoikel "Krusty" Krustofski).

Krusty got his start in showbusiness as a street mime in Tupelo, Mississippi. Krusty played FDR on stage, but could not remember to stay in his wheelchair. He was also almost knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

Krusty went on to do a daytime kids show, where he had a heart attack on the air and required a triple bypass operation and a pacemaker. When a boy got stuck in a well, he led several musicians in a celebrity recording to raise money for charity.

Krusty once tried to fake his own death to avoid a large debt with the IRS, but he eventually was discovered by Bart Simpson, who reminded him of his celebrity lifestyle. Krusty decided to return to his daytime kids show and use the life insurance on his alternate identity to pay off his debts.

Early on in the series, Krusty was illiterate (this was used as evidence which later proved he was framed by Sideshow Bob), however he has been seen reading on several occasions since then.