Also a common term used to describe the suburban area on the west side of the Susquehanna River in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. The West shore is made up of Lemoyne, Camp Hill, New Cumberland, and Mechanicsburg. Located directly across the river from Harrisburg, it is a staple suburban neighborhood. Free of crime, and full of large shopping malls and ugly prefabbed homes.

The metropolitan denizens of Harrisburg sometimes call the West shore the “white shore”. Mostly this is a derogatory term in which inhabitants of this region take much offense. Another interesting footnote of the west shore is that it is the birthplace of Poison's Bret Michaels. This fact at first seemed astounding and ridiculous to me until I remembered that Kix comes from Hagerstown, which is minutes from where I live.

"You don't want to live on the white shore Jake," Dawn told me, " you're much too interesting for that."

While the standard of living is higher on the west shore, it is probably a safer place to raise a family. Real estate and rent are nearly twenty-five percent higher. The tax rate is amazingly higher there as well. If you want to raise children in anything other than a purely homogenized environment then I would refrain from