The city of Zhangzhou is located near the lower part of the Nine-Dragon River in southeast China, (in the Fujian province). Zhangzhou has a long history, (the area has been settled for over 5000 years). Zhangzhou was established as a prefecture in the year 686, (and was classified as a city in 1951). The city has 9 counties which are; Xiangcheng, Longhai, Yunxiao, Zhangpu, Shaoan, Dongshan, Changtai, Nanjing, Pinghe, and Huaan, (total population of 3,760,000).

Zhangzhou is said to have 33 different scenic areas including; Nanshan Temple, Sanping Temple, Ciji Palace, Yundong Rock, the Ancient Fortress of the Song Dynasty, and the Ancient Castle of Tongshan.The Narcissus is a specialty of Zhangzhou, (the city has been called "Hometown of Narcissus". It is also known for its mandarin oranges, bananas, litchi, dates, pineapples, and pomelo.

Zhangzhou is home to many Taiwanese immigrants and shares many of the same customs as Taiwan. There is even a Taiwan Road, honoring the many citizens of Taiwanese descent living in Zhangzhou.

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