My mother drove me to a large building that looked vaguely like a warehouse. I had a very misty sense that she was supposed to be taking me somewhere else, like a final exam or something, but I wasn't concerned. As we were getting out of the car, I asked where we were. She ignored my question and started warning me about some people who worked in this place. She said they were creeps because they did LARP. I asked why and she said in a very conspiratorial tone "Because they use..... cardboard boxes for props!". I was a bit weirded out by this, and came to the conclusion that my mom had taken too much allergy medication that morning.

We walked into the warehouse. It looked like a gymnastics studio, similar to the one I practiced at. My mother walked off in a random direction towards the pommel horse and I walked towards a large group of people standing and staring at a wall. The wall was covered with what looked to be hand-drawn posters. They were all of games. For a moment, I thought I saw one on Vampire: The Masquerade, but when I averted my eyes and looked back, it was gone. People were whispering and seemed to be exchanging heated conversations about these posters. There was a man standing off to the side who looked vaguely like a geek. Something like the comic book store owner in The Simpsons. I walked up and asked him if there was a poster on V:TM up there. He said no. I continued staring at the posters till they turned into a psychadelic blur that made my head hurt. I turned around and realized that my mother was standing right below a girl doing a gymnastics routine on the un-even bars. I walked up and tapped her on the shoulder to get her to move out of the way so she wouldn't get hurt. She turned around after a little while and I explained to her that you couldn't just stand so close to people while they were practicing. She smiled then walked over to a large, concrete pole, ran into it, then just stared at it for awhile. I walked over to the floor where a girl from school that I know was carrying a balance beam with some of her friends towards me. She asked me if I could come over to her house. For some reason, I didn't want to, so I made up a lie that I had to take my finals and I would be studying all week. Then she dropped the beam, walked up to me, and started strangling me. At this point I woke up.

I popped a few too many chocolate covered espresso beans before going to bed (I KNOW that was stupid, you DON'T have to tell me) and the resulting side-effects left my mind with a bit too much before-sleep thought material to work with, I think.