The word "Faith" originally, biblicly and literally means "Trust". Somehow it has been corrupted to mean "religious belief", which is only a pre-requisite to trust, rather than defining it.

The biblical use of the term could be said to be "Trust in God", but otherwise boils down to simply "trust". While "trust in God" incorporates the notion of "belief", as do many other concepts, nevertheless that doesn't actually mean that "faith" means "belief".

The prime modern example of this corruption is found in the heretical expression of the phrase "leap of faith" championed by the christian philosophers Pascal and Kierkegaard, in which the attainment of belief is said to come through an irrational "leap". Not only does this idea abuse the word "faith" but it also contradicts christian teaching that trust in God comes as a result of divine revelation; best expressed by the prayer "God, teach me to know you and love you.".

The non-heritical version of "Leap of faith", in which "faith" is defined as "trust", is consistent with christian teaching. It can be expressed as "To put one's trust in God", facilitated by free will and grace, and in which belief has already been attained.