Although the Philippines is a very Catholic country (which considers homosexuality a sin), the attitude towards gays seems very tolerant. It seems every domestic comedy contains at least one stereotypically gay character. Okay, using a gay character for comedic effect doesn't exactly sound tolerant, but it's an example of how homosexuality has permeated Filipino culture. From what I've seen of domestic films, it's been happening since at least the mid-1980's. They appear frequently in other genres, and are usually shown to be very caring and benevolent. However, if they have a partner, they never depicted engaging in any activities beyond hugging. Granted, sex scenes in Filipino movies are extremely rare, but any affection between gay characters seems taboo.

There are gay parades and beauty contests, and there are no protesters. The people come out to watch and enjoy the festivities. One thing that is different with gay gatherings (as opposed to America) is that the participants are not forcing the issue as much. They don't engage in public displays of affection.

Public displays of affection between any two people are usually frowned upon, so this isn't limited to gays. However, I think it's a major factor in Filipino culture's acceptance of homosexuality. Respect is very important in Filipino culture, and people will respect you if you respect them. The attitude seems to be, "okay, we think it's a sin, but being homosexual is your decision and nothing we say or do can change that, so there's no reason to treat you differently."