Statistically, 10 out of every 100 women are lesbian or *bisexual*,
10 out of every 100 men are gay or *bisexual, 10 Americans are gay/lesbian/*bi,
10 South East Asians are, 10 Muslims, 10 Christians, 10 atheists...

ok, I think you get the picture now.
See 1 in 10 for more interesting factoids.

So now that we're all on the same page, perhaps the title "10% Prom" is self-explanatory, but in case it is not, I will provide you with a quick definition and my thoughts on why events such as these are still relevant.

10% Prom = Similar to the North American junior and/or senior "Prom," in that people dress up, ask someone else to attend with them, then proceed to dance or act the part of the wallflower for the rest of the evening. However, instead of asking someone of the opposite sex, people are encouraged to ask someone of the same sex, or even to cross-dress.

Is this just another excuse for dressing up and partying? For some, yes. For others, it is a time to acknowledge those in the past (and present) who could not bring the date of their choice to their prom, due to the fear of social ostracization in the form of physical and emotional abuse from not only students but also staff and administration. While this is no longer an issue in some schools, it is still an issue in most. The GLB (gay lesbian bisexual) group in my school recently organized a 10% Ball in which there was an open mike in one venue and dancing and contests in another, and display boards were made and put up about various issues concerning sexuality, ranging from safe sex to homosexual poetry to religion and homosexuality.

Love Without Bounds

*note: I'm not certain about the inclusion of 'bisexual' in this whole 10% business... if you know for certain, do let me know!

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